It would be difficult to find a more efficient and better dry cleaning service than Sunrise Dry Cleaners! We are Professionals and experts of what we do, with years of expertise cleaning and pressing men and women’s clothing. From every type of garment you can imagine, Sunrise Dry Cleaning Services has a method for getting your clothes looking brand new!


Shoes really make the difference to finish any outfit therefore here Sunrise dry cleaners we offer a fantastic Shoe Repair Service from a minor repair to the whole shoe re soled this service is offered with a professional finish every time, satisfaction guaranteed!. If you’re a business professional, snazzy dresser, or would love to make alterations to your existing clothing without losing its quality, our alteration and tailoring services in Sunrise, can help! 


Keep your home looking amazing! At Sunrise Dry Cleaners, we take care of all of your household items made to look their best.
Is your home fabulous right now? Keep your beautiful home the way you intended with our Household Cleaning Services available in Sunrise, Our trained staff is capable of cleaning countless items including:
• Rugs
• Curtains
• Duvets
• Bedding
• Table Linens

Each item being cleaned is inspected and pre-spot cleaned for the best possible dry cleaning results. Sunrise Dry Cleaners also treats delicate and antique items including, but not limited to, linens and quilts with professional care to insure they leave our cleaners in “like new” condition after cleaning.


To add to the Sunrise Dry Cleaning Services, we also offer competitive cleaning for your high-quality leather products. Our cleaning methods

help you maintain and increase the life of your leather garments. Whether it’s your Jacket, Dress, Handbag, or Gloves, you can trust Sunrise Dry Cleaners, the best dry cleaners to give your leather and suede clothes the care they deserve. 

Leather Cleaning Sunrise Services require tender loving care. To maximize the life of an expensive garment, it’s important to always store your leather in a cool ventilated area to prevent drying and mildew. We understand that leather and suede are very susceptible to staining from perspiration and body oils, so we make sure to protect vulnerable areas taking very good care of your existing garments

In most of the cases that arrive at Sunrise Dry Cleaners, leather and suede articles are made from the skins of various portions of an animal and/or several different animals. As such, there are many natural and man-made reasons why cleaning leather results in changes in the garment’s appearance. We clean your garments meticulously and maintain the new style without causing any fade to your garments.
Though professional leather cleaning involves using additives to restore suppleness, your item may still feel slightly different than it did before the process.


Here at Sunrise Dry Cleaners, we strive to provide top-notch service. Especially when it comes to preserving one of the single most important garments in a lifetime: the wedding dress. Wedding Dress Preservation in Sunrise, FL by our team at Sunrise Dry Cleaning Services begins with a dress evaluation. 

Our Professional Cleaning Method:
We preserve the most important outfit you will ever wear: your wedding dress. With years of experience with wedding preservation and cleaning experience, Sunrise Dry Cleaners can make your wedding gown and memories last a lifetime. We first evaluate the beauty and intricacy of your garment. This is to determine which of one of our solvents will be used to insure that your dress stays soft, beautiful and odor free. After the wedding dress cleaning process is complete, an anti yellowing treatment is applied, your gown will then be hand pressed and wrapped in museum style muslin.

Then, your wedding gown is carefully placed in a display box, which is placed in a sealed acid free container for extra protection. In the event that you damage your wedding dress or would like to re-use a wedding dress from a family member or friend, our professional Sunrise dry cleaners also provide wedding dress restoration, repair and or alterations to make sure you look you look perfect on your big day.

Don’t let the memories of a beautiful day slip away. Make them last a lifetime with Sunrise Dry Cleaner’s Wedding Dress Preservation

Services. We will keep your wedding gown looking spectacular for years and years to come with our wedding dress cleaning and preservation service in Sunrise.


Although there is an actual steam cleaning industrial process, in the context of carpet cleaning, "steam cleaning" is, in fact, hot water extraction cleaning. The hot water extraction cleaning method uses equipment that sprays heated water, sometimes with added cleaning chemicals, on the carpet. Simultaneously, the water is vacuumed up, along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt. Many carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the most effective carpet cleaning method.

Most of us will change our duvet covers on a regular basis, but it’s important not to forget about the duvet itself. While these don’t need cleaning quite as often, about once a year is recommended. So Visit us and let us help make this process quick and simple at a competitive price!